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Theo Jansen  Strandbeest

Side note: These don’t have motors. They’re completely momentum/wind-powered and literally just wander around beaches unsupervised like giant abstract monsters.


STRANDBEEST. saw a documentary on these before.

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More painting!

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summer nails!

inspired by japanese summer festivals (夏祭り natsu matsuri). in particular, this vocaloid song (夜空に花咲くお願いサマー lit. flowers blooming in the night sky please summer)

somewhere in the second stanza the lyrics mention goldfish scooping and candy floss so there’s that. though i drew so many goldfish, i really only like one. on hindsight i should’ve used dark grey as the base instead. the mask was so difficult to draw. if you look closely, i actually drew the black lines over orange lines. never again will i do something as suicidal as this. the amount of concentration is just…no, never again.

some of the photos were taken without topcoat. because the light was too good then and i didn’t want to risk smudging. used nearly all the colours i have so i won’t bother listing them (i don’t have very many colours but still).

just wondering, can i add tags in japanese?


Coy koi! done with Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in 679 pennies for heaven, black dotting pen from The Face Shop, and two nail art polishes (white and orange) that my friend got for me. The nail art polish is like any other polish except the brush is long and thin, like a striping brush. Friend gave me this idea when she said she bought them with goldfish in mind. I can’t really draw goldfish as well because they have more billowy tails/fins and I’m not good with that.

The little one on the pinky smudged when putting top coat. Perhaps I should try the HK girl top coat that I’ve heard about. It’s supposedly good for nail art because it doesn’t smudge.

Very reluctant to tag this as ‘oriental’ and ‘chinese’ because that’s just so…kitsch. But I did draw 9 koi (because it signifies longevity) so…uh…whatever makes this easier to search.


Delay in an update because i got an ingrown nail and had to cut everything short again and wait for them to grow back out.

I got new polish and a black dotting pen!

I have named this ‘I love gentlemen’ haha. It’s so retarded i was sniggering to myself while drawing it. the heart-glitter and micro-glitter polish isn’t really nice to use because they’re really sparse and you have to fish around for the bits.

and yes bowties are cool.


damien hirst-inspired! i managed to peel them off with a penknife. this was super complicated to do /: colours are china glaze sea spray and nails inc the thames.


what i had on during easter. the frenched tips are the length of nail that i didn’t use to have (oh my how they’ve grown). used china glaze sea spray, maybelline colour show denim dash, fantasea green, and coral crush.

(the thumb is some other experiment)

note to self: putting top coat right on top of base coat makes it super easy to peel off.


(upside-down photo) little whale! colour is nails inc the thames. lovely grey.




pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything



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